Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government


17 September 2002

6. Police Patrols on Chandler Circuit, Humpty Doo


Minister, I have recently been approached by several rural residents who live in the Humpty Doo region who were concerned about the lack of a police presence particularly on Chandler Circuit.

Would you kindly advise the following : -

1. A summary of the scheduled patrols which have been occurring in the Humpty Doo region particularly along Chandler Circuit and in the area adjacent to the Units next door to the Humpty Doo Shopping Centre.

2. Arrangements for the police to increase the number of police patrols along Chandler Circuit, particularly during school hours and the afternoons.


1. There have been 70 logged patrols conducted of the Humpty Doo Shopping Centre precinct between 13 July and 7 August 20002.

2. There are presently specific patrol strategies in place that ensure police effort is expended on the issues identified by community representatives and police as being of concern, in particular, the shopping centres, flats and schools. School Based Constables also perform duties about the school. As the needs change and specific issues requiring particular increases in activity are identified then the necessary changes will be made.

3. The Officer-in-Charge of Palmerston Police is working with Humpty Doo Shopping Community on a range of strategies to deal with crime issues in Humpty Doo.

8. Mandorah Jetty (‘the boat ramp’)


Minister, there have been several community meetings between representatives from the Cox Peninsula Community Government Council, Belyuen and representatives from your department relating to the construction of a boat ramp alongside the Mandorah Jetty (‘the boat ramp’).
Would you kindly advise the following : -

a) the scheduled date for the issuing of a tender to construct the boat ramp and the closing date for that tender;

b) the proposed commencement date for the construction of the boat ramp adjacent to the Mandorah Jetty;

c) the anticipated length of time required for the construction of the ramp and the proposed completion date for that construction period;

d) the width of the proposed boat ramp; and

e) the cost of the planned boat ramp.


(a) The Construction Division of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment advertised the tender for the construction of the ramp on 19 September 2002 with a closing of the tender on 9 October 2002.

(b) Subject to the letting of the tender, it is expected that construction should commence by end October 2002.

(c) The construction is expected, subject to tidal movements, to be completed in 2 to 3 months, prior to the 2003 Dry season.

(d) The designed width of the single vehicle/boat ramp which is proposed will be 5 m.

(e) As the tender has not yet been let, this information cannot be released at this stage.

10. Dundee Power Connection


1. Would you kindly advise when construction of the power grid which will extend all the way to Dundee Beach is scheduled to commence.

2. Are there any plans to levy block owners and residents who live in the Dundee region for any of the costs associated with the connection of a power grid to rural properties and if so, the proposed quantum of those levies?

3. If so, would you kindly advise whether there will be requirements to pay any money up front and the amount of any up front payment?

4. Do you plan to levy or place caveats or any type of charge on the residential properties in the Dundee and Fog Bay region?

5. If so, would you kindly advise the quantum of those levies, caveats or charges and the proposed terms and conditions including any interest which will be applicable to those residents who defer the payment of any up front sum.


1. The power line extension to Dundee is a government commitment for completion in its first term. The timing of capital works is determined in the annual budget.

2. The Distribution System Extension Policy (DSEP), in place since 1986, provides for the charging of customers who benefit from power line extensions. The quantum of any charges has not yet been determined for this particular project.

3. DSEP provides for a number of payment methods ranging from an upfront lump sum payment to regular instalments. Where customers do not wish to connect immediately, DSEP provides for Overriding Statutory Charges (OSCs) to be placed on lots which become due when either the allotment is sold, or an application for supply is made.

4. The DSEP provides for the charging of customers who benefit from power line extensions. Under the DSEP, OSCs can be paid by instalments, interest free, over a period of up to three years.

5. As advised in the answer to question 2, the quantum of any customer contributions consistent with DSEP have not been determined for this particular project.

13. Rural Business Initiatives – Humpty Doo


1. What is the government doing to facilitate the development and expansion of the industrial area at Humpty Doo (Six Gumtrees Drive)?

2. How much extra land has been earmarked for the expansion of the industrial area and when is it scheduled to occur?


1. The lease for Humpty Doo, Stage 3 Industrial issued in 1998 resulted in a further 16 industrial lots being available for sale on the open market. There are currently two lots remaining for sale.

2. Further indicative lot layout and servicing plans have been designed on adjoining section 368, Hundred of Strangways and this department anticipates calling for expressions of interest to further develop a subdivision of 10 to 15 lots in early 2003.
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