Department of the Legislative Assembly, Northern Territory Government

Motor Vehicle Registrations Tax

9th Assembly


40. Motor Vehicle Registrations Tax

Mr Maley to MINISTER for Treasurer

1. Will the Treasurer tell Territorians why car owners must continue to pay the extra tax on registrations when the Government has received funding from the GST exceeding estimates and the fact that the so called “Black Hole” has disappeared mysteriously?

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Answered on 11/08/2004

The Territory’s financial position required difficult decisions like introducing the temporary budget improvement levy as part of a package of measures to improve the Territory’s finances. The levy was originally set to cease on 28 November 2004 for new motor vehicle registrations and from 4 January 2005 for motor vehicle registrations due for renewal on or after that date. However, the Government’s sound fiscal management together with a more positive outlook for the economy in the lead up to the 2003-04 Budget enabled the removal of the temporary budget improvement levy, 18 months earlier than anticipated from 1 July 2003.
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