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World War II heritage sites

9th Assembly


150. World War II heritage sites

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Environment and Heritage

1. In the 2004/05 budget, $260,000 has been allocated for conservation and interpretive projects for Second World War heritage sites. What is overall plan? Which sites will be included? Is there an overall World War Heritage precinct concept that would include sites from Adelaide River to the oil tunnels.

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Answered on 30/08/2004

The $260 000 allocated for WWII heritage sites in the budget will be spent on the development of interpretive materials at Strauss Airstrip. This will include the construction of an off-take from the Stuart Highway opposite Keleson Road and a dedicated parking area to the west of the Airstrip.

It will also include the installation of a tourist information shelter designed to invoke the WWII structures that used to occupy the site; feature displays of WWII aircraft stationed at Strauss and interpreted walking trails to particular features of the site.

The interpretive material will in part be prepared by students from Taminmin High School.

Plans for interpretation of a range of WWII sites along the Stuart Highway are well advanced. Consultants have been engaged to scope a book and CD aimed at the Tourism Drive market with expected product delivery in 2005.

Officers from the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment are available to provide a briefing on the details of these proposals should the Member for Nelson request it.

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