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Horticulture section, Alice Springs Correctional Centre

9th Assembly


68. Horticulture section, Alice Springs Correctional Centre

Ms Carney to MINISTER for Justice and Attorney-General

In regard to the Alice Springs Correctional Centre:

1. Has the horticulture section that operates in the management zone and predominantly worked on by Aboriginal prisoners been shut down.

2. If the horticulture section has been closed, when was it closed and why.

3. If the horticulture section has been closed down, can you confirm whether the Horticulture Officer assigned to, or working in the section, has been reassigned to other duties.

4. If the horticulture section was not closed, is it still fully operational.

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Answered on 13/05/2004


1. Yes. The horticulture program at ASCC has in the past operated an extensive ‘Out of Prison’ program at the Low Security Cottages and has periodically operated a reduced scale program in the prison which is no longer operating.

2. The program inside the ASCC closed on 5 June 2003. Through a review of the ASCC physical resource allocation during the 2002-03 financial year, it was determined that the horticulture program inside the secure perimeter of ASCC was to be reduced and that an increased emphasis was to be placed on the external Horticultural Program.

    The Horticulture Program outside the main perimeter of ASCC continues to provide credible work programs for prisoners on a daily basis. This program is intended to provide accredited horticulture qualifications to prisoners and will be delivered in-house by a qualified Officer/Instructor. The Centralian College Horticulture Program was discontinued 18 months ago when available low security prisoner numbers fell below eight. It is intended to recommence the program as soon as a sufficient number of low security prisoners have expressed an interest in participating in the program.

3. The prison officer allocated to supervising the inside horticulture program during its operation, did not possess accredited horticulture qualifications. This resource will be redirected into providing a full time Sport and Recreation Officer at the Prison Officer level for all prisoners.

4. Not applicable.
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