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Dinah Beach Boat Ramp

9th Assembly


165. Dinah Beach Boat Ramp

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure

Was a pontoon originally planned to be built as part of the Dinah Beach Boat Ramp upgrade?
If not, does the government intend to build a pontoon so that boats can be moored away from the ramp to reduce congestion during busy periods.

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Answered on 17/01/2005

No, there were no plans to provide a pontoon as part of the Dinah Beach boat ramp upgrade.

However, the doubling of the width of the ramp to allow two or more vessels to be launched at once has gone a long way towards minimising congestion.

The Government has contributed record funding towards boating infrastructure since 2001 and is committed to continuing to provide improved resources for Territory boat users and fishermen.
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