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Indigenous Education Strategic Initiatives Program 2004/2005

9th Assembly


135. Indigenous Education Strategic Initiatives Program 2004/2005

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Employment Education and Training

In the 2004/05 budget, it looks as though the Territory is getting an extra $4 million for the Indigenous Education Strategic Initiatives Program – up from $8 million to $12 million. But last year’s budget said that $12 million would be allocated in 2003/04.

1. What happened to that extra $4 million from the Commonwealth.
2. Did it come to the Territory? If, so, what was it spent on?
3. If it didn’t come to the Territory, why didn’t it?

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Answered on 17/09/2004

The Australian Government’s IESIP allocation to the NT Department of Employment, Education and Training (DEET) is approximately $12 million per calendar year. The Funding Agreement between the Commonwealth of Australia and Northern Territory stipulates that allocations be paid in instalments throughout the year. DEET formulates budget estimates for the Budget Papers based on this information and it does not report amounts received in the previous year and carried forward.

The revenue variation of approximately $4 million in 2003-04 for the Indigenous Education Strategic Initiatives Program (IESIP) is due to the timing of a payment by the Australian Government to the Northern Territory.

On 16 June 2003 (2002-03 financial year), the Australian Government made payment of approximately $4 million to DEET that was not due until 2003-04. This brought the actual revenue received in 2002-03 to approximately $16 million. The $4 million was carried forward to 2003-04, bringing the total IESIP budget allocation to approximately $12 million for that year. However, the amount shown in 2004-05 Budget Paper 3, as received in 2003-04 was $8 million and when added to the $4 million carried over from 2002-03, totals $12 million.

2002-032003-042004-05 (budget)
IESIP allocation – per agreement $12 million$12 million$12 million
Received additional instalment for 2003-04 (not included at time Budget Papers gone out)$4 million($4 million)
2004-05 Budget Paper 3 - Revenue$8 million$12 million
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