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Mandorah Jetty (‘the boat ramp’).

9th Assembly


8. Mandorah Jetty (‘the boat ramp’).

Mr Maley to MINISTER for Lands, Planning and Environment

      Minister there have been several community meetings between representatives from the Cox Peninsula Community Government Council, Belyuen and representatives from your Department relating to the construction of a boat ramp alongside the Mandorah Jetty (‘the boat ramp’).

      Would you kindly advise the following : -

a) the scheduled date for the issuing of a Tender to construct the boat ramp and the closing date for that Tender;
b) the proposed commencement date for the construction of the boat ramp adjacent to the Mandorah Jetty;
c) the anticipated length of time required for the construction of the ramp and the proposed completion date for that construction period;
d) the width of the proposed boat ramp; and
e) the cost of the planned boat ramp.

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Answered on 24/10/2002

(a) The Construction Division of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Environment advertised the tender for the construction of the ramp on 19 September 2002 with a closing of the tender on 9 October 2002.

(b) Subject to the letting of the tender, it is expected that construction should commence by end October 2002.

(c) The construction is expected, subject to tidal movements, to be completed in 2-3 months, prior to the 2003 Dry season.

(d) The designed width of the single vehicle/boat ramp which is proposed will be 5 metres.

(e) As the tender has not yet been let, this information cannot be released at this stage.
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