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Red Light Cameras

9th Assembly


157. Red Light Cameras

Mr Wood to MINISTER for Transport and Infrastructure

1. How many red light cameras are operating in the Territory.
2. If the answer is none, why aren’t they operating.

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Answered on 18/08/2004

The Red Light Camera Program commenced in Darwin (1999) with three cameras. Two of the red light cameras were set up to monitor Stuart Highway traffic, inbound and outbound, at the Berrimah Road intersection. A third camera was set up to monitor Stuart Highway inbound traffic at the Amy Johnson Avenue intersection. The red light camera system was implemented as a road safety initiative to identify dangerous driver behaviour and provide the necessary evidentiary support to enable prosecutions and traffic infringements to be issued.

In mid 2002, the red light cameras were switched off after several years of recurring and excessive maintenance works and costs, resulting from poor system performance.

Consultants Sinclair Knight Merz have been engaged to investigate current red light camera technology in Australia and recommend a suitable system for operation in the Northern Territory weather conditions.

The consultant’s report is expected to be finalised by early 2005 at which time Government will consider options for the future of red light cameras in the Northern Territory.
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