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New Matters

9th Assembly


196. New Matters

Ms CArney to MINISTER for Justice and Attorney-General

    I would be grateful if you would provide the answers to the following questions in relation to the Justice Department's Budget for 2004-05. In order to assist you, please note that this question relates to output group: 1.0 Legal Services (1.4: Office of the DPP).
1. In the DPP Annual Report of 2002-03 the DPP published actual new matters for 2001-02 as 429. The estimate of new matters for the following year, 2002-03 was 590, but the actual number for that period was an increase to 958. In the same report, the DPP estimated that in 2003-04 there would be 700 new matters, but in the Budget Papers (BP#3) this has been revised upwards again to 1,100. Please advise:
    (a) There can be no ‘new matters’ without crimes being committed, yet your Government maintains that under Labor, crime across the Territory has gone down. The DPP’s own figures are independent and not subject to political tampering. How do you explain the incredible increases in the number of new matters under Labor?
      (b) Given that the DPP exceeded its budget in 2002-03 due to the increased number of new matters, will it exceed its budget for 2003-04 given that the number of new matters will further increase to an estimated 1,100 compared with what was the actual number of new matters in 2002-03 of 958 from 429 in 2001-02.

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      Last updated: 04 Aug 2016