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Cost Per Lodgement

9th Assembly


210. Cost Per Lodgement

Ms CArney to MINISTER for Justice and Attorney-General


I would be grateful if you would provide the answers to the following questions in relation to the Justice Department's Budget for 2004-05. In order to assist you, please note that this question relates to output group: 2.0 Court Services (2.2: Lower Courts & Tribunals).

1. The cost per lodgement increased from an estimated $451 in the estimate contained in the 2003-04 Budget Paper at page 98 and was altered as an estimate to $521 in the 2003-04 Budget Papers. Why was this alteration made.
    2. The estimate per lodgement for 2004-05 is $538. Why has there been such a significant increase.

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    Last updated: 04 Aug 2016