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Larapinta Stage IV land release

9th Assembly


78. Larapinta Stage IV land release

Mr Elferink to MINISTER for Lands and Planning

There is now mass confusion regarding what is happening with land in Alice Springs. The price squeeze in Alice Springs is forcing people to consider living elsewhere as well as taking no pressure from absurdly unaffordable house prices -

Minister, what is happening with the Larapinta Stage IV land release.

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Answered on 01/03/2004


In December 2003, letters were exchanged between Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation and my Department of Infrastructure, Planning & Environment in reaching agreement to put both areas of development at Larapinta before the Development Consent Authority (DCA).

Earl James and Associates has submitted the application to the DCA on behalf of Government. The subdivision application was on public exhibition until 23 January 2004 and was approved at the DCA meeting on 29 January 2004.

The subdivision will provide the basis for an Indigenous Land Use Agreement that will subsequently extinguish native title over the residential lots to be released.

There are 85 allotments proposed from the subdivision.
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