Department of the Legislative Assembly

Parliament House Open Day

Parliament House Entrance

Open Day 2018

Saturday 1 September

10.00 am to 2.00 pm

The Honourable Kezia Purick MLA, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, welcomes visitors to Parliament House for its annual Open Day, a joint venture with Government House and the Supreme Court. This event provides a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to tour three iconic buildings and to learn about the role that each institution plays in the governance of the Northern Territory.

Opened in 1994, Parliament House is home to the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory and is a magnificent example of tropical architecture. The building features the Parliamentary Chamber, an impressive Main Hall, Ministers’, Opposition and Members’ offices, the Department of Legislative Assembly, Parliamentary Counsel, media facilities, Speaker's Green, Speaker's Corner cafe, the Tactile Arts Boutique and the Northern Territory Library.

Open Day 2018 Poster

Open Day 2018 Brochure

Last updated: 17 Aug 2018